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Life is a journey that is ever-changing and often challenging. Too often, we feel stuck, defeated, and alone. As your therapist, my goal is to partner with you, providing a safe space to gain deeper insight, empower you to find your way, and support you as you move through the process. 

About Me

I've been in practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist since 2010. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Syracuse University and trained in the Psychotherapy Center for Gender & Sexuality at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. As someone who identifies as a QWOC, feminist, and social justice advocate, I'm particularly passionate about working to restore wholeness and health within black, brown, and queer communities. I've done this work in various roles including as a family therapist to families with youth within the New York PINS system, as a substance abuse counselor, and as a Clinical Supervisor. I have facilitated support groups for the significant others, family, friends and allies (SOFFAs) of trans folks, and for the transmasculine community.


I have been a Clinical Supervisor since 2013 and consider mentoring clinicians as they develop their clinical voice and style to be an honor. As an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, I value both professional and personal growth and utilize the self-of-the therapist model in my work with supervisees. 


Additionally, I have held various leadership positions in the non-profit sector including as the Interim Executive Director of The Attic Youth Center, Philadelphia's only independent LGBTQ+ youth center, from 2019-2021. Currently, in addition to maintaining my private practice, I am the Executive Director of JRI Health, a division of Justice Resource Institute.

About Shawnese

"When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak."

-Audre Lorde


Adults and

adolescents ages 13+

If you're not feeling quite like yourself  or if you're having trouble moving your life in the right direction, you may benefit from individual therapy. In this process, you'll have the space to be introspective, learn coping strategies, and develop the life you want to lead.


Balancing self with others

No matter your identity or the boundaries of your partnership, every relationship has moments of uncertainty. Couples therapy can improve physical and emotional intimacy by providing tools and improving perspective.


As a kink and poly affirming therapist, it's my goal to create a safe place for all couples. 


Families with youth ages 13+

Parenting can be one of the most difficult tasks in life and yet there's no rule book or manual. This is because there isn't one right way to parent. Family therapy provides an opportunity for your family  to develop its own metaphorical manual, which  builds on your strengths to improve problematic behaviors, communication, and connectedness.


Affirming Care

To simply exist as an LGBTQ+ person in this country is to experience the trauma of oppression. Such experiences often have a quiet but profound effect, contributing to self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and addictions. When a clinician can give voice and validation to the impact of oppression, healing and self-love can emerge where marginalization has left a wound. As a clinician specializing in LGBTQ+ concerns,  it's my mission and expertise to provide that space.

AAMFT Approved

Clinical Supervision

Personal & Professional Growth

As a supervisor, my goal is to support you in your journey as a clinician. This includes development of clinical orientation, exploration of Self of the Therapist issues and identifying your clinical passions.

Service Detail
About Therapy

A bit about therapy...

What distinguishes a Marriage & Family Therapist from other therapists?

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) are psychotherapists who are specifically trained to understand mental health issues through a systemic lens. Whereas many other therapists see problems as existing solely within an individual, a MFT seeks to understand your context by examining relational dynamics in your past and present. This dynamic approach allows clients to externalize issues which once felt like inescapable, internal failings and instead, learn to see their concerns as existing due to the complex systems at play in their life. Once you let go of the pathologizing way that society typically sees mental health, you are better equipped to make the changes you desire.

Does a Marriage & Family Therapist see clients individually?

Yes! Our understanding of the various systems at work in your life equip an MFT to better understand the context that you come from including social location, the dynamics of your family of origin, and the patterns playing out in the relationships in your life. In short, an MFT considers the impact of the context you come from and the relationships in your life, even when those folks aren't physically in the room.

What will happen in therapy?

First, we'll work at your pace to build a relationship where you feel safe and able to explore the nuances of the issues that brought you to therapy.  We'll do the work of uncovering how you've gotten to where you are and build a foundation of tools to support change. Depending on where you are, we may work on improving sense of self, processing trauma, improving intimacy and communication, or learning coping strategies.

What type of theories do you use?

I identify as an integrative therapist who is utilizes techniques from various theories including Psychodynamic, Attachment, Narrative, and Bowenian theories. Regardless of the techniques employed in an individual session, I always approach therapy with a systemic, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive foundation, which integrates queer and feminist perspectives. My foremost goals are to be intuitive, warm, and accessible regardless of my client's identity.

What about the logistics? (i.e. When are you available? How much will it cost? How long are sessions? Anything else I need to know?)

We'll work together to find a time that works for you. I am currently offering services via telehealth only.  Each session or supervision is $200 for 50 minutes. I have a limited number of sliding scale slots for folks with financial concerns. I am not in-network with any insurance companies. If you would like to utilize your out-of-network benefits,  a superbill can be provided upon request for reimbursement from your insurance company. I encourage you to contact your insurance company directly with questions about reimbursement.


Seeking out therapy can be an anxiety-provoking process but doing so brings you one step closer to the life you want to lead. Please be aware that my practice is currently full and I am unable to accept new clients. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have or if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

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